5 Amazing Places You Can Visit by Train in Europe

Travelling by train is a very beautiful experience. You will get to enjoy yourself while travelling in a very warm and civilized manner. If you are travelling through a place for the very first time, using the train will allay you the opportunity of soaking in the new environment and having a good time while you journey around. Europe is one of the continents with plenty amazing places where you can visit for holidays and leisure trips. We bring you top destinations you would enjoy visiting in Europe via train.


One destination you would love to travel to via train is the city of Salzburg in Germany. The city is filled with green hills and mountains that would connect you with nature straight away. The city is connected to many other major metro stations around Europe (like Paris and London). This makes it easier for you to get a train travelling down to Salzburg.


Another great place to travel via train when you want to tour Europe is the capital of Germany. You can easily board a sleeper train from any part Europe and be in Germany the next morning. The capital city of Germany is very warm and inviting and riding a train to the city is a cool experience. You can explore other nice places in Germany from the capital city via train, you can head down south to Leipzig and visit the castles at Colditz. Exploring Germany via train is one cool way to spend your holidays.

Elevated section of Berlin S Bahn railway in Kreuzberg Berlin 2009


Another great place to visit via train is the holy city of Rome. You can easily take a sleeper train from Paris down to come and wake up the next morning to this magnificent city. Riding through this holy city, you are guaranteed to have good fun viewing all the old churches in the outskirts of the city till you finally arrive at the Stazione termini which is the heart of Rome.


Another nice place to visit by train is Brussels, Belgium. You can take a ride via train from London and be in Brussels in three hours tops, enjoying the smooth ride and nice scenery. You can also shuttle from Brussels to Amsterdam and have fun riding to Brussels and stopping at et Frites in the grand place for some good moules then taking off to Amsterdam the next day on a leisure train ride. You can explore the city throughout the day and get back to Sunday through a night train from the city in just three hours.


If you are looking to spend a romantic getaway weekend with your loved one travelling via train, there is no better way to start off than a ride in a sleeping car to Venice. You can take a ride from Paris in an overnight sleeper to Venice. There are lots of restaurant car you can have a romantic dinner in the moonlight riding through rural areas of France and entering into Italy the next morning. There are nice sleeping-berths in couchettes or even more comfortable private sleepers. You will wake up to an amazing city of music and love the next morning for your holiday.