Are Trains Still a Useful Way to Travel?

Ever since their invention, trains have been one of the main means of transportation all over the globe. Trains made travel and movement of goods so much easier, there really was no looking back after their first use. Three hundred years ago we would have needed weeks to travel a few hundred miles and going on vacation would be virtually impossible. With the invention of trains, man could now travel the whole world and in relative comfort as well. There are thousands of miles of railroads scattered all over the world and they connect some of the most distant locations. But other methods of transportation appeared over time and countless people decided to choose them and forget about the humble train.

So, a very important question appears: are trains still a useful way to travel? We have listed some of the arguments of this debate in order to show the whole view on this issue.

Low Price

The price of train travel is lower than other forms of transit. This is a general rule in most countries and this is why many people that have to commute for work still choose to travel via train. The prices differ from region to region and from class to class but overall, locomotive travel is said to be one of the cheapest choices. The sleeping wagons are obviously a bit more expensive, but the price is definitely much lower than perhaps a flight or driving. Overall, train travel is considered much more budget-friendly than any other method of transportation. There are also some regions that offer free transportation for students and seniors and this is a great option for those who need it.

Low Speed

Trains are not that fast, yes, this is true. They are not quick, and in some regions it is actually better to go horse riding than pick a train. But most of the times trains have the same speed as a car but the cost of the trip will probably be smaller. And there are some cases like the speed trains that move much faster than the automobile. Japan is a very good example. There are many people that don’t even take into consideration buying a car because they can conquer hundreds of kilometers per hour by train.

Comfort Level

The comfort given by the train is incomparable with other means of transportation and this is one of the main reasons why it is still so popular. You can enjoy the ride while reading, working or taking time with friends and other travelers. This is unique and you don’t have to worry about nausea like on the plane, and you can take a nap whenever you want, not like in the car where the driver has to stay focused at all times. You can enjoy a drink and eat whenever you want, and the sleeping cars give you the chance to rest and even take a shower before you reach your destination. Trains are also a very good place to socialize. You can meet new and interesting people and talking to them and telling stories will definitely make the ride shorter and more pleasant.