Greatest Movies About Trains

There is a huge train culture all around the world, and while that may sound like an odd thing is a very real thing. People love trains, they love all things to do with them. There is something so fascinating about trains and this makes them that much more interesting to film and watch. A movie about trains often involves high speeds and unrealistic storylines but that just makes them that much more interesting and enjoyable to watch. There are of course a few movies out there that are better than the others. Here are a few of the greatest movies about trains of all time.

Murder on the Orient Express

This movie is a classic through and through, it follows the story of the famous detective Hercule Poirot. He is planning a relaxing journey home by train but of course this is disrupted by a murder on the train. An unpopular billionaire is murdered, and Poirot takes on the case. Of course, everyone on the train is now a suspect to the murder and it is up to him to solve the mystery before the journey is over. The movie will keep you intrigued and guessing from the very beginning, there is the original version as well as a newer version just released, both of which are great to watch and enjoy.

Brief Encounter

When the lead character David Lean, a doctor, meets a strand woman on the platform at the station he immediately falls in love. But there is a problem, they are both already married and have their lives already in place. What happens when two people fall in love at a time when they shouldn’t? Well you’ll have to watch and find out.

Strangers on a Train

Another chance meeting on a train. This time there is a tennis pro and a psychopath that come across each other on their train journey. They each have a murder they want committed, but to dismay suspicion they denied swapping murders. They try to get away with murder, but will they succeed?

The Train (1964)

The Nazis prepare to retreat from occupied Paris as a result of the tide of war which turned against them. › Lists › Film Lists. Then an officer intends to leave until the city’s priceless art treasures by train. Lo, a member of the Resistance is out to stop him without damaging the cargo. Interesting!

Brief Encounter (1945)

A great train movie with precious little footage of trains in motion. This evergreen classic star (Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard) as a middle-class couple, both married to each other, who conduct a chaste, restrained and doomed romance involving weekly meetings, notably in the refreshment room of a railway station.

There are so many great train movies out there, these are just a few of the more popular movies and a brief recap of what they are about. We are sure that if you are a train enthusiast you will enjoy watching these movies and learning more about trains and all that they come with.