Greatest Train Journeys Through Europe

The engineers built railways across Europe’s most difficult terrain and that hard work has translated into world’s most picturesque journeys. They deserve some thanks for that, don’t they? Europe is a home to a tremendous rail network traversing practically every European country. When you join must-see goals, and go on board Europe’s sleek trains, the outcome is an outstanding European excursion. Here are some of the best scenic train rides across the continent.

West Highland Line, Scotland

The West Highland Line otherwise called the Iron road to the Isles is a railway line connecting the ports of Mallaig and Oban in the Scottish Highlands to Glasgow in Central Scotland. The five-hour train journey takes you in the enchanting Highland scenery from Glasgow to Fort William, taking you to the remote and mountainous west coast of Scotland. The readers of the travel magazine Wanderlust in 2009 voted the line as the top rail journey in the world.

Glacier Express, Switzerland

The Glacier Express is an express train trussing railway stations of the two noteworthy mountain resorts of St. Moritz and Zermatt in the Swiss Alps. For quite a bit of its trip, it additionally goes along and through the World Heritage Site known as the Rhaetian Railway in the Albula/Bernina Landscapes. It has the reputation of being the slowest express train in the world. Starting from Matterhorn, the train makes its way from picturesque Zermatt to St Moritz on a small- gauge track over 290 km.  Currently, it is popular among visitors from Germany, Japan and, increasingly, India.

Western Rhine Railway

The Western Rhine Railway (in German known as Linke Rheinstrecke) is a famous double-track electrified railway line running from Koblenz to Mainz. It is one of the sweetest and shortest rail journeys in Germany. It’s only a fifty-minute ride offering romantic German scenes straight from a children’s story – manors transcending twirling waters, past the strait where the siren Loreley sings mariners onto the stones. You shouldn’t miss ascending the Lorely bluff in St Goarshausen.

Le Train Jaune, France

The Little Yellow Train runs from Villefranche-de-Conflent, 50 km from Perpignan, to Latour de Carol, close to the Spanish town of Puigcerda. The most marvellous piece of the course is the segment from the start at Villefranche, up the extent that the small town and ski-resort area of Odeillo-Font-Romeu. The travellers are dealt with to stupendous perspectives of the rough hilly view, including towns, two memorable strongholds, and an unstably roosted old hermitage. What it lacks is the distance it travels- it’s only 63kms! It makes a halt at France’s most astounding railroad station, Bolquère-Eyne, which sits at 1592m above ocean level, and crosses the Pont Gisclard, a railroad suspension bridge.

If you are planning a trip to Europe, do add a train trip to your itinerary. It’s a once in a lifetime break which gives you a complete worth of your hard-earned money! You will no doubt enjoy the experience and you will truly love the unique journey.