Jobs in The Train & Locomotive Industry

The train industry is one of the largest on the planet. This is due to the fact that such travel and shipping are still some of the cheapest and most popular means of transportation all around the world. Working with trains will always be a safe career choice as it seems to be an industry that is not dying out any time soon. The love story between man and trains began more than two hundred years ago and they have been changing the way we travel and work ever since. Trains managed to connect the most distant corners of the Earth and allowed us to travel in the most beautiful vacation spots with ease. There are many people that have a passion for the great machine and would like to work in this industry. We have listed some of the jobs in the train and locomotive industry in order to show you the career options and help you choose your next step.

Engineer and Conductor

The railroad engineer is essentially the driver of the train and this is the most sought-after poison. It is a very demanding job because you will be in charge of the safe journey for hundreds of people. Many believe that it is an easy job because the train travels on the railroad and there isn’t much for you to do, but this is not true at all. There may be many incidents on the road and the engineer has to be very careful and to slow down at crossings, warn people and cars about the presence of the train and stop whenever there is an obstacle or a problem acting as a blockage. It is both a beautiful and demanding job.

The conductor is the job involving the most multitasking. This person is in charge of the safety during the ride, collecting tickets, making sure that the train is on schedule and that all the cars are connected and that all the goods are on the train. It may sound very demanding, but it is an amazing job. You get the chance to meet all sorts of people and you are in the middle of the action at all times. You may have to deal with some difficult passengers, but once the train is on the move you can relax a bit and enjoy the ride.

Ticket Controller and Inspector

The ticket controller is considered by many passengers to be the bad guy on the train. You will have the role to check that every passenger has a ticket. If they don’t, they can buy a ticket from you and in some situation, you will also give them a fine. You will not be loved by many passengers, but you will be a valuable contributor to the well-being of the train company. This role is similar to conductor, and often these two jobs can replace one another, but initially these are separate with different tasks to them.

The bridge inspector plays a major safety role. You will have to periodically go and check if the railroad bridges are in perfect shape. It is a very important job and you will be responsible for the well-being of all the passengers and the train staff crossing that bridge. The main advantage is that you get the chance to travel a lot.