What to Pack for a Long Train Ride

Trains were one of the main means of transportation ever since they were first invented at the end of the 19th century. Their invention changed the way we perceive distance and travel forever. They developed tremendously in the years following their invention and every country started building vast railroad webs to fulfill our will to travel. There are some amazing train trips that connect continents and cultures and trains managed to bring the world closer together. There are countless trips that last overnight and even several days. Preparing for such a trip can be challenging, especially if you are trying this kind of traveling for the first time. We have listed some tips on what to pack for a long train ride to make sure that you have everything you need and that you have a beautiful experience.

Sleeping Essentials

Sleeping bags are something you should take into consideration. There are many trains that provide blankets and sleeping compartments, but it is better to be sure that you have everything, especially if you are traveling during the winter. There are trains that cross very secluded areas in which you will not find shops to buy blankets or warm clothing. It is better to buy a very light sleeping bag that is easy to wrap to make sure that you will have a very comfortable sleep.


Bring something to read. The long train rides can be fun, especially if you are doing them with your friends but at some point, they may become boring. It is very advised to have something to do while traveling. Bring a Kindle or a boo with you and enjoy some quiet moments of reading while hearing the constant pace of the train wheels. This can be one of the most amazing reading spots in your life. Find a place near the window and enjoy your reading.


Get some cleaning supplies with you. We are talking about towel and any necessary things like shampoo and toothbrush. If you are traveling in a cool train with a sleeping compartment you will not need them because they will be provided by the company. But if you are not sure about the facilities of the train it is better to come prepared. All the trains have toilets and shower compartments in which you can clean yourself.


Bring chargers and power sources for your phone. There are many trains that have plugs at which you can connect your phone, but it is better to have an extra power source to make sure that you always have battery. Bring some headphones too. You may want to listen to some music or to distract yourself from the conversations that take place on the train. Another good option is to bring your laptop and watch some movies. Don’t forget to bring water and snacks. There are many trains that have a restaurant compartment, but it is better to come prepared.